Smart Ways to Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe from Porch Pirates

You have a wide range of options to protect your holiday packages from getting stolen by thieves. One of the most effective solutions to scare away suspicious people is to install security cameras and an alarm system. Whether this system is utilized or not, it serves as a strong deterrent for criminals. Here are several other ways to protect your packages.

Install a Package Locker or Hideaway

Add a package locker near your mailbox, in which a key will be required to gain access. It’s a secure solution that criminals can’t easily crack. So, the combination of locks, cameras, and alarms can immensely reduce the risk of losing Christmas gifts to criminals. Also, a similar and more subtle option is a hideaway, an outdoor storage box that looks like outdoor furniture.

Deliver Packages to Another Location

You might consider sending gift packages to your office or some other safe location. Getting a Post Office Box is helpful, although many people don’t see the need to have it all year round. Another option is to send packages to a local UPS or FedEx store in your neighborhood from where you can pick them up. You can track the delivery status online and receive a text or email when the package has arrived.

Use Smart Technology

These days smart technology has greatly enhanced security. For example, Amazon Key is a service where you give a delivery driver access to open your garage and leave a package. It’s a convenient way to ensure that your packages are delivered to a safe place. It’s simple to set up and involves linking an app with your garage.

Another smart solution is to use a Package Guard, a device through which you can coordinate with the delivery person. It sounds like a high-pitched alarm when someone tries to remove the package from the device. It also sends you an immediate alert.

Alert Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors has many benefits, including working together to protect each other’s property. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, tell them to notify you whenever they see suspicious activity at your home. Sometimes you may also need their help to watch for deliveries and store items for you.

Control Delivery Time

One of the best ways to ensure your packages get to you safely is by setting a narrow delivery time window. Some companies are flexible enough to allow you to schedule a specific delivery time so that you can plan on being there to pick up the item.

Don’t let porch pirates ruin your holidays. Take proactive steps to protect the gifts you order through a trusted and reliable delivery service. MDS is your custom courier and mail delivery service expert for all of your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. Contact us for more information today.

What You Should or Shouldn’t Do When Hiring a Delivery Service

Businesses are increasingly outsourcing to courier services as a more efficient method of delivery. Turning to a faster and more reliable courier can improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased brand loyalty and higher profits. It’s important for a decision-maker to review the company’s logistics needs and determine if conventional shipping methods work or if other options should be considered.

Here’s a look at what you should and shouldn’t do when hiring a delivery service.

Review Items to Ship

When deciding on an outside firm to handle your logistics, it’s helpful to find out what you can ship through their service before committing to it on a regular basis. Couriers are typically not allowed to transport certain items such as toxic chemicals or other hazardous products. By doing all your due diligence upfront, you won’t be hit with surprises at the last minute that the driver isn’t allowed to deliver a certain product.

When placing an order, be sure to double-check the details of your instructions to avoid accidental delivery to the wrong location. An on-demand delivery service will allow for pick-up and delivery of the package from nearly any location. Understand that sometimes slowdowns occur due to safety issues surrounding the pandemic or supply chain issues. In some cases, you simply need to be patient to get through bottlenecks when demand for delivery services escalates.

Protect Your Packages and Know the Details

Whatever you send through a courier service should be placed in a secure package so that the items inside do not get loose and slide around inside the package. Some businesses like using the same types of boxes for everything, but this strategy can be problematic. It can lead to forcing too many items into a small box or leaving too much empty space in the box. It’s best to wrap all the contents tightly with packaging to avoid damage during delivery.

You must be aware of the package details you are sending, such as size, dimensions, and weight. Some couriers may have certain restrictions on these details, which is another reason why it’s good to do plenty of research on a courier in the beginning. Never assume that any courier service will be enough when you want something shipped for same-day delivery. You still need to find out how accurate, reliable and reputable the service is.

Outsourcing to a delivery service can improve your logistics if you pick the right courier that matches your needs. It’s imperative to ask the right questions when narrowing down your list of choices. Make sure the courier you choose is able to deliver any type of package you want to send to any location.

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