Check Out These Fun Facts About Carrier Pigeons & Mail Delivery

Learn about the history of carrier pigeons and mail delivery.

When it comes to your mail, you don’t give it much of a second thought as to how it arrived. We take for granted our modern conveniences and efficient mail delivery systems every day. However, mail delivery wasn’t always so easy. Historically, mail had to travel long distances by horseback, ship, or even carrier pigeons. These little birds played an influential role in mail deliveries throughout history. Check out these fun facts about how pigeons played a role in mail delivery.

Carrier Pigeons Were Used Throughout History.

Carrier pigeons are nothing new. The earliest record of carrier pigeons dates back to ancient Rome, where they were used to send news of chariot race winners. Additionally, they have been used by Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, and perhaps even the Rothschilds. However, they were particularly influential in Europe when it came to warfare.

Carrier Pigeon Use Took Off During Wartime.

The use of the carrier pigeon in warfare became popular in 1870 during the Siege of Paris. After trying several methods of communications, the bird proved to be effective and efficient. The use of the birds expanded. During World War I, France used more than 30,000 pigeons to deliver information. The French pigeon, Le Vaillant, and American pigeon, Cher Ami, had been influential in their role in the war. Cher Ami’s work saved the 77th Infantry Division’s “lost battalion”.

Carrier Pigeons Are Still Used Today.

While they may not be as necessary as they had once been, carrier pigeons are still used today throughout the world to carrier information.

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Check Out These Fun Facts About the USPS

Learn about the United States Postal Service with these fun facts! 

The postal service has a long history since it’s inception in the American colonies. Along the way, there have been a few interesting occurrences. Check out these fun facts about the United States Postal Service (USPS).

On the Map

There are USPS offices located all around the United States in all 50 states. The highest post office in the country is located at 10,578 ft. above sea level in Alma, Colorado. The lowest post office is in Death Valley, California at 282 ft. below sea level.

Street Smarts

From your address to a method of transportation, streets are vital to the USPS. The most common street names in the country are Main, 2nd, Maple, Oak, and Park. The longest main street in the U.S. spans 33 miles and is in Island Park, Idaho.

Usual Delivery Methods

There are quite a few unusual methods in which the USPS delivers mail throughout the US. In Arizona, a mule train carries mail, food, and supplies to the Havasupai Indians at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. In Alabama, a contract mail boat delivers mail to dock-side mailboxes.

What’s in a Name?

The US post office has had many names over the years. In the late 18th through the early 19th century, the office was known was the General Post Office. It remained under that name until 1829 when the post office became part of the presidential cabinet. The name of the office then became the Post Office Department. In 1970 after the Postal Reorganization Act was passed, the mail delivery service of the United States had become the U.S. Postal Service.

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Postage Stamps: Check Out These Postal Fun Facts!

Learn about these postage stamp fun facts!

Postage stamps have long been a part of sending mail. But how much do you really know about postage stamps? Check out these fun facts about stamps!

Stamps Were Not Always Sticky.

Today when you place a stamp on an envelope, it comes with adhesive. However, stamps weren’t always that way. Historically, stamps required you to use paste to stick it to a letter. If you couldn’t get your hands on paste, people got creative. They used pins or even sewed the stamp onto the envelope.

The Governing Body of Postage.

The Universal Postal Union is the international organization that helps to keep the world connected through good old snail mail. It was founded in 1874 and is the second oldest international organization in existence.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Postal Cat.  

Carrier pigeons and horses have long been associated with assistance in mail delivery. However, in the late 19th century, Liege, Belgium sought to train cats to deliver mail. The plan consisted of training 37 cats to deliver mail to surrounding villages, but alas the plan didn’t last long.

Candling Your Postage?

The term candling comes from the 17th century. Postal rates were determined by holding a letter in front of a candle. The less transparent the letter, the more expensive the stamp.

The First American Post Offices Were In Taverns.

In the Americas, the first post offices were located in taverns. When you needed to send a letter, you could stop by the local tavern and drop it in a special bag hanging for postal delivery.

Great Britain Started the Stamp Trend.

We have the British to thank for postage stamps. Stamps were first issued in Great Britain. Because they were the first nation to develop stamps, the Universal Postal Union allows Britain to issue stamps with out their country name.

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