Smart Ways to Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe from Porch Pirates

You have a wide range of options to protect your holiday packages from getting stolen by thieves. One of the most effective solutions to scare away suspicious people is to install security cameras and an alarm system. Whether this system is utilized or not, it serves as a strong deterrent for criminals. Here are several other ways to protect your packages.

Install a Package Locker or Hideaway

Add a package locker near your mailbox, in which a key will be required to gain access. It’s a secure solution that criminals can’t easily crack. So, the combination of locks, cameras, and alarms can immensely reduce the risk of losing Christmas gifts to criminals. Also, a similar and more subtle option is a hideaway, an outdoor storage box that looks like outdoor furniture.

Deliver Packages to Another Location

You might consider sending gift packages to your office or some other safe location. Getting a Post Office Box is helpful, although many people don’t see the need to have it all year round. Another option is to send packages to a local UPS or FedEx store in your neighborhood from where you can pick them up. You can track the delivery status online and receive a text or email when the package has arrived.

Use Smart Technology

These days smart technology has greatly enhanced security. For example, Amazon Key is a service where you give a delivery driver access to open your garage and leave a package. It’s a convenient way to ensure that your packages are delivered to a safe place. It’s simple to set up and involves linking an app with your garage.

Another smart solution is to use a Package Guard, a device through which you can coordinate with the delivery person. It sounds like a high-pitched alarm when someone tries to remove the package from the device. It also sends you an immediate alert.

Alert Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors has many benefits, including working together to protect each other’s property. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, tell them to notify you whenever they see suspicious activity at your home. Sometimes you may also need their help to watch for deliveries and store items for you.

Control Delivery Time

One of the best ways to ensure your packages get to you safely is by setting a narrow delivery time window. Some companies are flexible enough to allow you to schedule a specific delivery time so that you can plan on being there to pick up the item.

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Upcoming Hospital Projects in Orange County

A few major new hospital construction projects are developing in Irvine, one of America’s healthiest cities. Here are details about these stunning construction projects.

New UC Irvine Medical Center

UC Irvine, which spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on medical research, has invested in building a $1 billion medical center on its campus. The facility is called UCI Medical Center, which will accommodate 144 beds devoted to acute cancer care. It will also house centers for ambulatory care and cancer research. Wellness programs, clinical trials, and emergency services will also be present on campus.

The 800,000 square-foot facility is expected to be completed by 2025 but will begin treating its first patients in 2022. It will contribute to sustainability on both environmental and economic levels, as it will have built-in efficiencies from the start. This ambitious project has created 2,500 healthcare and construction jobs.

Another example of how the new medical facility contributes to a sustainable workplace is its use of outdoor space and campus-generated green energy. The outdoor environment provides healing gardens and trails to appreciate nature.

Financial Support Grows for City of Hope

City of Hope is a nonprofit cancer research and treatment facility in Irvine that has recently received a generous gift from real estate giant Lennar to support its development. The donation of $50 million will cover costs of transformation toward the organization’s goals for a $1 billion expansion project. The cancer center is expected to open in 2022.

Covering 190,000 square feet in Irvine’s Great Park Neighborhoods, the center will be called The Lennar Foundation Cancer Center at City of Hope. An essential focus of the facility will be on extreme cancer cases and advanced cancer treatment.

Another addition to City of Hope will be the 2025 arrival of an inpatient specialty hospital devoted to cancer treatment. This new facility is significant because, in the past, about 1 in 5 cancer patients at City of Hope have had to seek advanced cancer treatment outside of Orange County.

CEO Robert Stone at City of Hope has stated to the press that Lennar’s donation can be used to speed up clinical trials and prevention programs in Irvine. Some of the Lennar funds will be used for translational research for City of Hope and the University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The money may also be used for future construction on campus. The center aims to accommodate families and individuals who need advanced cancer care.

Irvine is an attractive city for business development and expansion for many reasons. Warm weather most of the year, a beautiful coastal region, and a friendly business environment are key reasons why Irvine is a hot spot for major industries such as healthcare to innovate.

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Orange County, CA: The Hub for Design Operations of Auto Manufacturers

Have you ever wondered why so many automakers base their headquarters in Orange County? Even startup EV maker Rivian has planted its roots here. Here’s a look at factors that have made Orange County a significant hub of the automotive industry.

Why Irvine Attracts Auto Designers

Major automaker Ford Motor Co. has its regional headquarters and design center in Irvine. This site became the county’s first LEED-certified building, constructed with eco-friendly materials. Nice weather and a business-friendly climate are key reasons why Orange County is favored as a place for creative development.

Automaker Headquarters in Irvine

The following automakers have either their headquarters, corporate offices, or design centers in Irvine, employing thousands of highly-paid experts:

  • Ford
  • Karma
  • Kia
  • Neuron EV
  • Mazda
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes-Benz Daimler
  • Hyundai
  • Rivian
  • Toyota
  • Volvo

How Orange County Compares with Tesla for EV Development

Tesla has moved its main headquarters to Texas, but the EV maker remains in Northern California and Northern Nevada for certain operations. Its automotive plant is in Fremont, and its Gigafactory for power storage innovation is in Sparks, Nevada.

Another manufacturing plant in Lathrop, California called Megafactory develops its popular energy storage product called Megapack, which CEO/Founder Elon Musk says is sold out through 2022. Musk calls it the “future of green energy.” The Megapack is a large battery that provides a few days’ worth of electric power when integrated with solar panels.

While Tesla was talking about a future electric pickup truck, Rivian has emerged as the first company to announce one for the consumer market. Rivian also plans to sell electric SUVs. Tesla got a headstart on funding over a decade ago, as it has tapped into trillion-dollar valuations in the 2020-2021 period.

Meanwhile, Rivian has already quickly become a multi-billion dollar investment for its big investors. The company has raised over $3 billion in funding from large corporations since it was founded in 2009. Ford and Cox Automotive are some of the top investors in Rivian, along with tech giant Amazon and investment firm T. Rowe Price.

Arrival of Rivian in Irvine

Even though Rivian is based in Michigan, the automaker is expanding its operations in Irvine, according to the Orange County Business Journal. Its main complex in Irvine covers 20,000 square feet, located in the Spectrum community. Its sites in Irvine, Carson, and Los Angeles are used by integration engineers, battery, inverter developers, and concept designers.

Rivian has promoted the development of its new 190,000 square foot facility on its website. The startup’s first two products will be the R1T truck and the R1S SUV.

Transportation is evolving rapidly in the 2020s, and EVs begin to populate the streets while reducing adverse effects on the environment and improving the bottom line. Contact us here at MDS for more details on how to achieve sustainability through more modern and efficient delivery services.

4 Different Types of Courier Services: An Overview

Not all businesses rely on conventional delivery services to ship packages to consumers, partners or vendors. Today logistics is becoming more specialized for manufacturers and medical organizations. It’s important to know your delivery options in an age when traditional methods don’t always meet deadlines. Here are the different types of courier services to consider as alternatives to conventional delivery.

  1. Standard Couriers

    A standard courier handles a wide range of deliveries to provide businesses with multiple, convenient options. The company may even offer same-day delivery. One of the most modern features of independent couriers is real-time tracking, which improves supply chain accuracy and transparency. Wireless digital tracking technology has been the key to letting consumers know where a package shipped to them is at any given time. The ability to track their delivery has raised customer satisfaction, which has become a top focus among manufacturers and retailers.

    Real-time tracking has strengthened supply chain relationships, making suppliers more efficient. The fact that any business connected to a supply chain can now track various logistics data, including inventory, in real-time puts market players closer in touch with each other, thus accelerating business decisions.

    Standard couriers may partner with other independent services to maximize B2B relationships. While the courier industry has been around for decades serving law firms and hospitals, only in this century has it emerged as a viable alternative to traditional logistics methods for all types of businesses. The U.S. Postal Service has become less reliable at meeting deadlines due to staff shortages and tightened work schedules as part of a downsizing plan. Countless complaints of lost or late deliveries during the pandemic have caused many companies to seek more reliable alternatives.

  2. Emergency Couriers

    Also known as on-demand couriers, emergency couriers are local delivery services designed to meet quick deadlines. It helps to work with a 24/7 delivery service that allows your business flexibility to send time-sensitive material to crosstown recipients. These services can be helpful if you need a contract signed right away.

  3. Daily Route Couriers

    Companies that need to complete several errands per day should consider daily route couriers. These couriers specialize in making multiple deliveries for companies with limited staff or members who don’t have time to drive around town during the day. These firms build their reputations on getting goods to the right places at the right times.

  4. Medical Couriers

    Out of all the different types of couriers, the requirements for becoming a medical courier are the most stringent. An individual must get proper training and certifications to be qualified for the job. Medical couriers must have the same level of medical knowledge as an employee in a medical office. They must also be compliant with HIPAA and OSHA requirements.

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Office Reopenings and Return-to-work Plans: How Things Have Been so Far

During the summer of 2021, just when it looked like the world had turned the corner on the pandemic, new variants led to another surge of hospitalization. A growing number of private companies are mandating that employees get vaccinated, and this is a very contentious topic in itself. A high percentage of new cases have emerged among the unvaccinated. Here’s a look at how some of America’s largest companies are handling their office reopenings.

Reconsidering the Reopening Stage

In the third quarter of 2021, the number of companies planning to reopen declined, according to Gartner. The researcher also reported that most companies are encouraging vaccination without mandating it. Some of the nation’s largest tech companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, have issued vaccine mandates for employees returning to work. Various issues are causing small businesses to rethink how they are handling the reopening process. Remote work has remained popular as a social distancing strategy.

Rising COVID-19 variant cases across all 50 states have caused businesses to reconsider how they will deal with multiple political, social, and health issues. In some places, workers are protesting the vaccine mandates aggressively. By July, nearly a third of businesses said they still had no reopening plans as per the Gartner study.

Many companies remain on the fence as to whether they should issue vaccine mandates. Workplace mandates requiring masks and social distancing have also become a key topic. A survey by CNBC found that nearly 40% of a limited group of HR executives at firms with over 10,000 employees had not altered their reopening plans.

The debate over Masks and Vaccine Mandates

The debate on whether people in any kind of public setting should wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status has heated up over the summer. In July, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reversed an earlier guideline by advising people who have been fully vaccinated to continue wearing a mask in public settings. Reports began to surface in the summer that the protective properties of the vaccines wane over time and that the vaccine may not be as effective against the new variants.

In early August, investment giant Vanguard announced it would pay employees $1,000 to get the vaccine. Pfizer, which is one of the few COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, said it was mandating vaccines or weekly testing for its employees as well as its vendors.

Earlier in the year, Gartner found that only 2% of the firms had issued vaccine mandates as the vaccine rollout was just starting. By July this number rose to 8%. The union for the Orange County Social Services Agency is calling for stricter pandemic protocols and more remote work options. On the other hand, the state of California is urging private employers to go along with vaccine mandates or weekly testing.

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