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Why You Should Hire a Legal Delivery Services Company

Law firms have learned over the years that outsourcing to delivery services to distribute court documents is easier than giving the responsibility to a staff member. Delivering documents all over the town can be very time-consuming. However, hiring a seasoned delivery service allows your legal team to focus on spending more time with clients.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of outsourcing legal delivery services.


  1. Focus More on Legal Matters

    Even though getting the right documents to the right people on time is of enormous importance, a law firm still has higher priorities. Hiring an in-house delivery person might not make sense if you don’t need to make multiple trips per day. Why not let delivery experts handle transporting items to different parties? It’s the more scalable solution. You’ll be able to devote more time and attention to serving your client’s needs, such as learning and implementing strategies for a court case.

  2. Avoid Wasting Time

    One of the problems with doing your own deliveries is that, in some cases, you may have to wait in a courthouse for a long time. Sometimes you’ll need to wait to get signatures before you move on. A legal team simply can put its time to better use. Meanwhile, a delivery service that specializes in working with attorneys can take care of these tasks.

    Time is a precious commodity that’s often overlooked by various businesses. However, the more you manage company time carefully, the more output you can potentially generate for your clients. The job will still get done by professionals who specialize in efficient and reliable deliveries. You can then utilize your resources more effectively, as your legal talent can spend more time talking with clients and resolving their issues.

  3. Get Customized Service

    Perhaps the most valuable benefit of working with legal delivery service is you can develop a long-term relationship with a team of drivers who understand your needs. Since delivery services win clients by building reputations for dependable service, they compete with more standard delivery services by offering greater personalization and customization.

    Instead of just being a statistic or a business address, your legal firm will be treated more as a unique and important institution. Couriers will learn your priorities, scheduling, routing, and other elements to improve the delivery process.

    Sending documents through the regular postal service no longer guarantees they will arrive at their destinations on time. Traditional delivery services are often strained by increased demand, whereas a more independent delivery service can prioritize the needs of specific clients.

Hiring legal delivery services can improve your relationships with clients by offering a more personalized experience. Your legal talent can spend more quality time working with clients and on cases. Contact us at MDS for your mail and delivery needs in Orange County.

How Patients Can Benefit From Pharmacy Delivery Services

Have you ever compared a pharmacy delivery service with a traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy? There are several advantages of choosing a modern pharmacy delivery service, with the most obvious one being they are often more personalized.

Here are five ways in which patients can benefit from these services.


  1. Patients Take Medications Correctly

    The term ‘adherence’ in the medical field refers to patients taking all their medications properly, as prescribed by their doctor. However, achieving this state can be difficult for individuals who take multiple prescriptions. When you buy medicine at a drug store, you risk buying from someone who isn’t well trained and might mix up your order with someone else’s.

  2. More Accurate Than Traditional Drugstores

    Modern pharmacy delivery services use smart technology to gain an edge over competitors who don’t use it. They use IoT sensors to track mileage, location, vehicle condition, fuel level, and other delivery metrics. This electronic monitoring allows customers to track the status of delivery in real-time. Studies show that traditional drugstores have an error rate near 2 percent in issuing drugs, whereas a pharmacy delivery company typically has an error rate of less than 1 percent.

  3. Designed for Better Efficiency

    Efficiency is a crucial quality for delivery services, as it gives these firms a strong selling point over traditional pharmacies. Newer companies have studied key problems with drugstores to resolve patient pain points. While a traditional pharmacy might have a problem filling a large order, a delivery service that emphasizes customer service trains for accommodating various demand levels. Financially, the delivery service can potentially cut costs and improve patient satisfaction.

  4. Less Medical Waste

    Medical waste leads to serious environmental problems, as pharma drugs have appeared in water systems. If an individual purchases more pills than they need, they might dispose of them improperly. A surplus is sometimes the result of a pharmacy issuing the wrong volume of medication to the patient. By ordering drugs from a pharmacy delivery service, you’ll reduce the chance of medical waste ending up in water systems or landfills.

  5. Cuts Costs

    Due to nonadherence, Americans spend up to $300 billion a year on medicine. Working with a more personalized delivery service allows you to reduce losses on drugs you don’t use. The service will save you money by providing fair prices for more accurate deliveries.

Pharma delivery services help you get the right drugs at better costs because they tend to be more proactive than traditional pharmacies. Contact us at MDS for your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. We’re ready to help you with reliable and efficient deliveries.

What to Expect with Postage Rates in 2022

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced plans to adjust postage rates upwards starting January 2022. This includes increasing the rates for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services by 3.1%. The planned increase is part of the Postmaster General’s strategy to implement the controversial 10-year plan aptly called “Delivering for America.” The reasons for the increase in postage rates include:

To Raise Extra Revenue

For more than a decade now, U.S. Postal Service has been incurring huge financial losses annually. For instance, in the fiscal year 2020 alone, USPS made a staggering $9.2 billion in losses, making the total losses incurred in 14 fiscal years surpass the $87 billion mark. Through his 10-year plan, Louis DeJoy, the current Postmaster General is determined to make the service profitable again. Therefore, the increase in postage rates is aimed at raising extra revenue for the USPS. The extra revenue is meant for the following:

  • Cover infrastructure maintenance costs – The USPS has retail centers and delivery units across the U.S. which require maintenance practices such as fixing roofs and air conditioning systems. Due to a lack of finances, the Postmaster General has raised postage rates to raise money for the repair and replacement of these and other infrastructures.
  • Cover additional operational costs in the holidays – The U.S. Postal Service largely relies on the sale of its products and services to finance its operations. Operating on a deficit, it is difficult for the service to manage increased operational costs during holidays. That’s why postage rates have gone up for the holidays, albeit temporarily. This is necessary to ensure that the service has enough funds to provide efficient postage services and reduce possible delays. Lack of enough funds created massive delays in December 2020 where 3.5 million packages picked in a day didn’t reach their destinations on time. This year, the Postmaster General is determined to improve performance by availing enough funds to hire enough workers, purchase enough equipment, eliminate delays, and improve efficiency in general.

To Stay Competitive

The USPS Postmaster General DeJoy has raised postage rates to competitive levels. This is because, during holidays, the demand for courier services typically goes up, and this means that businesses in this industry have to increase their prices to strike a balance in the market. Therefore, the increase in the postage rates is also aimed at keeping USPS competitive against other courier services in the U.S.

To Reduce Red Ink

Due to massive losses over the years, the U.S. Postal Service has been operating in debt, and this has made service delivery difficult. The pandemic even made the situation worse by increasing demand for deliveries. Also, the COVID-19 recession further made operations difficult for the service. To revive the service and reduce losses, Postmaster General DeJoy opted to increase charges starting January 2022.

How MDS can Help with Your Shipping Needs in 2022

Located in Southern California, MDS is your custom courier & mail delivery service expert for all your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. Contact us for more information today.

Why Has There Been an Increasing Demand for Cannabis?

The U.S. cannabis market has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years. Experts predict the U.S. cannabis market will reach $30 billion in market capitalization by 2025, propelled by the increasing demand for cannabis products. Here’s more detailed information on this topic.

Reasons for the Increasing Demand for Cannabis

In 2020, the U.S. cannabis industry was the fastest-growing industry in the country.  The factors responsible for the growth include, among others:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic – During the pandemic, only essential businesses, including dispensaries, had legal permission to operate in the U.S. This was one of the government’s strategies to minimize movements and curb the spread of covid. As such, more investors entered the cannabis adult-use market by distributing cannabis products to consumers through dispensaries.
  • Creation of new adult-use markets – In 2020, more states legalized both recreational and medical marijuana. This led to more adult-use markets sprouting in different states, and this contributed a lot to the increased demand.
  • Increased consumption of cannabis products – The legalization of cannabis in many states made more people gain the confidence of using it legally, resulting in increased demand and a high consumption rate.
  • Changing attitudes towards marijuana – For centuries, cannabis has been termed an illicit drug. However, with time, more people are becoming aware of the medical benefits that this substance can offer. As such, the support of marijuana legalization is increasing in the U.S. by day, compelling people to change their attitudes towards it. For instance, in the last decade, the number of elderly people using cannabis doubled, and more states are considering legalizing it.

Top Weed Delivery Services in Orange County

The widespread legalization of marijuana across the U.S. has led to an increase in demand for cannabis products. Moreover, the increased adoption of e-commerce during COVID-19 means consumers can now order cannabis products online from the privacy of their homes and get their orders delivered straight to their doorsteps. Consequently, more delivery services are entering the cannabis delivery business. Top cannabis delivery services in Orange County, CA, include, Eaze, Bud man, 420 Central, Glassdoor, and Amuse, among others. Uber Eats is the next delivery service in line, intending to partner with cannabis manufacturers and sellers to deliver this product to people. In a recent announcement, the online food delivery service expressed its intention to partner with some of the popular cannabis retailers to deliver cannabis products on their behalf. Through the Uber Eats app, customers will be able to order cannabis products but pick them up at the retailers’ stores.

How MDS can Help

If you buy or sell cannabis products online, you need a safe and reliable courier service to deliver your products. Located in Southern California, MDS is your custom courier & mail delivery service expert for all your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. Contact us for more information today.

Backlog at California’s Ports and Its Impact

The shipping industry is going through one of its most uncertain slowdowns in 30 years due to economic disruptions such as labor shortages. U.S. ports face extensive backlogs of cargo ships, particularly in Southern California. The backlog is so intense that many ships must float 20 miles away from the shore to avoid other shipping traffic.

The Port of Los Angeles has dealt with nearly 500,000 shipping containers, many of which are larger than the average containers from 20 years ago. These 20-foot containers store an estimated 12 million metric tons of goods.

By late 2021 the nation’s largest ports have been operating at 60-70 percent capacity. Shipping firms are finding it difficult to meet the increasing demands of delivery schedules with a reduced workforce.

Addressing Labor Shortages

Giving existing logistics employees longer working hours may help mitigate the strain on supply chains, but it won’t be sufficient to resolve the immediate problems. Extending hours means pushing work into the evening, which is not convenient for truck drivers or warehouse workers.

Labor shortages are based on a mix of issues, many of which stem from the pandemic. A record number of employees have quit their jobs after nearly two years of rethinking their careers. Suppliers and logistics firms have not been able to fill positions fast enough to meet delivery demands. The pandemic itself has triggered higher demand for shipping due to lockdown situations.

The combination of equipment and operator shortages is making shipping delays worse. The strain can be felt throughout the supply chain up to the end consumers, who have to pay higher prices for slower deliveries.

Resolving Storage Issues

Many West Coast warehouses have limited space available for storage and often operate at full capacity. An affordable solution when extra space is needed is to rent a 20-foot shipping container. According to the Wall Street Journal, the overall Western U.S. shipping industry is near full capacity with a 3.6 percent vacancy rate.

About a third of containers stay at ports for up to five days, which is three times longer than normal. President Biden has ordered ports to stay open 24 hours, but it has had limited effects on reducing the bottlenecks.

Rising Prices and Growing Issues

In November 2021, the U.S. government reported consumer prices had skyrocketed 6 percent over a year. It marked the fastest price surge in three decades. Many logistics experts believe that supply chain bottlenecks will continue through 2022. Some experts warn this crisis could last through 2023 as well.

Supply chains are going through a very challenging period that may take time to resolve. In the meantime, if you need a reliable delivery service in Southern California, turn to the leaders in your region. MDS is your custom courier and mail delivery service expert for all of your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. Contact us for more information today.