Find Out What Weird Items Have Been Sent in the Mail, Just in Time for Halloween!

Halloween Weird Items Have Been Sent in the Mail

Check out some of the strangest items ever sent in the mail.

Halloween is almost here. Get into the spooky spirit of the holiday and celebrate the stranger things in life. As part of Ripley’s Believe it or Not Annual Strange Mail Contest, participants must mail an item without using a box. Check out these top odd items that have been sent in the mail.

Animal Skull.

From a deer to coyotes, even animal skulls are creepy when it comes time to celebrate Halloween. Various skulls had been sent through the post to Ripley’s in Florida. Addresses were written right on the skull.

Prosthetic Arm.

Imagine your surprise to find a human arm in your mailbox. Only, as it turns out, it’s just a prosthetic arm sent to Florida for a contest. This item had been sent to as part of the Strange Mail Contest. The arm was addressed right on top of the forearm.

Handmade Doll.

Children’s toys gone wrong have been a common theme throughout horror films. Perhaps one of the strangest items sent is a handmade doll. Complete with a small head and body, the doll has unusually large legs made from plaid cloth. The doll was addressed to be sent to Florida using a postcard tied to the doll’s waist.

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