Irvine City Council Introduces Transportation Commission to Curb Traffic

Irvine City Council Introduces Transportation Commission

Learn how the Irvine City Council is handling growing traffic concerns.

Traffic in Orange County has become a serious problem. As congestion builds, residents throughout the region have grown tired of the never-ending sea of cars. The issue has been especially concerning in Irvine. The new City Council has voted to reinstate the city’s Transportation Commission, lead by a transportation manager to oversee the traffic and help find a solution to the growing problem.

About the Commission.

When it comes to helping to alleviate the traffic in Irvine, the transportation commission will be tasked with various projects. The main responsibilities of the commission will be to advise the City Council on matters relating to traffic. Their expertise in evaluating the impact of new projects on traffic as well as keeping an eye on traffic improvement plans, and ensuring that traffic signal coordination is in order.

Projects in the Works.

In addition to the Transportation Commission, there are multiple projects suggested to help alleviate the traffic problem. A plan to introduce city shuttles to help encourage ride sharing as well as introducing alternative business hours are being considered by the city. Additionally, the city is looking into investing in real-time signal adjusting systems on major streets to help alleviate traffic. These ideas are being considered by the city.

Funding Solutions.

When it comes to getting the city’s traffic patterns under control, it’s important to consider the financial aspects. The city has set aside $116 million dollars to help alleviate the traffic in the area.

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