Orange County & Tourism: Find Out What You Need to Know

Learn about Orange County and its growing tourist industry.  

Orange County is famous for their tourist attractions. From theme parks like Knots Berry Farm and Disneyland to Angel Stadium and the beach, there’s lots to do to entertain visitors in Orange County. In fact, tourism in Orange County is on the rise. Check out what you need to know about Orange County and its booming tourist industry.

Record Breaking Visitors.

Orange County has proved to be a popular place to visit with more than 47.4 million visitors in 2015. The 47 million visitors broke a tourism record for the county. In fact, Orange County beat out Los Angeles County by roughly two million more visitors. Moreover, Orange County’s total visitors saw a three percent increase since 2014.

Tourism Draws.

There are many reasons to visit Orange County. However, perhaps one of the largest draws is Disneyland. The park’s 60th-anniversary celebration occurred in 2015, which is perhaps one of the major reasons for the increase in tourism. Additionally, the Anaheim convention center is becoming a prime destination for tourism. The center boasts over 800,000 square feet and is planning an additional 200,000 square feet expansion, making it one of the largest convention centers in Southern California.

New Development.

When it comes to handling the influx of visitors, it’s important that you have enough space to house them. With projections of even more visitors in the coming years, Orange County has started on several projects to increase the number of hotels in the area, one of which is a 600-room hotel with a water park spanning over 100,000 square feet.

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