Find Out Why the Tech Industry is Moving to Southern California

Check out why the tech industry is moving to Southern California!

In recent history, the Silicon Valley has changed how we see technology. From Apple to Facebook and everything in between, we have long associated major tech companies with the Silicon Valley. However, the tech industry is on the move! The tech industry is moving to Southern California. Silicon Beach is up and coming for the tech industry. With companies in Irvine, Newport Beach, and Long Beach, there are plenty of bright opportunities opening in Silicon Beach. Check out these reasons why the migration of ‘tech jobs’ has been successful in Southern California.

Close to Transportation.

Once of the major draws for the influx of tech companies is the proximity to Southern California’s freeways and airport. The ease of access to various methods of transport makes for a great business practice. Employees are a short drive or a quick flight away from business meetings.

Space for Development.

Much of what is now Silicon Beach, has plenty of space for development, making it a prime location for the development of tech offices along with plenty of residential and commercial projects.

Safety in Numbers.

In addition to the prime location, the attraction of Playa Vista stems from its popularity throughout the industry. Many tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, you can find whole blocks throughout Playa Vista, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Long Beach that are full of tech companies. Part of the rising popularity of Silicon Beach is because it’s the place to be.

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