Spring Cleaning Tips

Try out these suggestions to whip your home and car into shape this spring.

Spring is nearly here!  If you like to celebrate this change of seasons by deep cleaning your home and car, then there are some tips and tricks that you can try to make things a little easier.  Here are some of the spring cleaning hacks that you should employ this year.

For Your Home

  • Use lemon to clean your faucets and sinks. When you rub half a lemon on water stains, the citric acid will break down stubborn water spots.
  • You can also use lemon to clean out your microwave. Squeeze half a lemon into ½ cup of water and drop the rind into the mixture as well.  Microwave the lemon-water mix for three minutes and let stand for an additional five minutes with the door closed.  The steam will loosen grime, allowing you to wipe your microwave clean with little effort.
  • Use a damp dryer sheet to remove built-up residue from your stove. Place a wet dryer sheet onto your dirty stovetops and let sit for 15 minutes before using the sheet to scrub away the burnt food and grease.
  • Combine ¼ cup white vinegar, 2 cups water, and 2 teaspoons of dish soap into a spray bottle. Shake to combine and then spray onto your windows and other glass surfaces.  Use newspapers to scrub away streaks and stains and enjoy pristine windows and mirrors in your home.

For Your Car

  • Use toothpaste to clean and restore your headlights. Apply a thin layer of regular toothpaste onto your headlights and let sit for 10 minutes.  Then use a cloth to buff the toothpaste into your headlights before wiping it away with a wet cloth.  This should help you clear up foggy, dim headlights.
  • After clearing out your car’s cupholders, keep them clean for months to come by slipping in silicone cupcake liners. The liners will catch any crumbs and spills, preventing residue from building back up.  Every once in a while, simply give the liners a quick wash, and they’ll be good to go!
  • Use a hanging shoe organizer to keep your car clean and tidy. Fasten a shoe organizer on the back of your passenger seat, and use the pockets to hold essentials such as snacks, water, tissues, wet wipes, and so on.  When you have a place to store all your necessities, your car will stay much cleaner and more organized.

These are some of the suggestions that you should try when spring cleaning your home and car.  Are you looking for assistance with your shipping needs this season?  If so, turn to the experts at MDS, Inc.  Located in Southern California, we’re your custom courier & mail delivery service experts for all your mail and delivery needs in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Irvine, and Orange County.  Contact us for more information today.