Orange County is Growing! Check Out What You Need to Know

Check out what you need to know about urban growth in Orange County.  

While it may seem like the suburbs of Los Angeles are full of wide open spaces, think again. No longer is urban density confined to the big city. Growth is happening all throughout Orange County. With a growing population and budding businesses, the county’s 34 municipalities are on the rise. Check out what you need to know about urban growth in Orange County.

Growing Population.

Orange County is growing. A recent census report found that the number of residents in the county has risen by 5.5 percent since 2010. Of the county’s 34 municipalities, the growth continues to expand throughout the area regardless of city size.

More People, More Development.

As Orange County continues to grow, the urban density of the area has increased. With such a blossoming population, get ready for plenty of development. More development is needed to help to accommodate the growing population. Plans throughout the county show over 100,000 newly opened residential spaces from single-family homes to new apartments. Every part of the county is experiencing an uptick in development from cities as large as Anaheim to others as small as Laguna Niguel. In addition to the housing, many commercial developments are also in the works. Shops and businesses are coming to the area.

Concerns About Growth.

While increasing urban density helps to build the economy throughout Orange County, the growth doesn’t come without opposition. Residents of the county have concerns about the development, such as too much construction during a drought. However, the county is ready for the growth and is working to grow as seamlessly as possible.

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