El Niño’s Possible Effect on Southern California Roads

El Niño’s coming, and it could devastate roads in Southern California.


We’re almost a half decade into our drought in Southern California, and the ongoing dryness has a lot of us wishing for a wet winter. Experts are saying we’re going to get it – but maybe even more than we need.

Climate experts are saying weather models look like they did in 1997, when El Niño caused over $500,000 million of damage and cost 17 lives.

Fortunately, local and state officials are taking steps to protect homes and roadways. Even so, there are several places where you can expect traffic delays thanks to the rainy weather.

The I-5 through the Grapevine is notorious for delays, and it shouldn’t be any different this winter. In that past, storms have trapped hundreds of vehicles on Highway 58 in Mojave, so that’s another roadway to steer clear of in bad weather. In 1992, rain flooded the Sepulveda Basin so badly that it left drivers on the tops of the roofs of their vehicles. Ventura and the San Fernando Valley have also seen street flooding during past heavy rains, while storms have tumbled boulders and trees onto the PCH in Malibu and Seal Beach.

In short, there are plenty of roadways that will require extra care during the coming El Niño. Make sure you leave with extra travel time and check for traffic and road closures before you head out!

El Niño might make it harder for you to get from Point A to Point B, but it should never compromise the delivery of important items or information. To work with a team of mail delivery & custom courier service experts who can make sure your needs are met even in the face of El Niño, contact MDS Inc. Serving Orange County, CA, we’re aware how the coming storm system will affect driving conditions and are already planning to serve you through it.