Less Parking May Mean Less Traffic – An Unusual Way of Reducing LA Traffic

Learn how access to parking and traffic are correlated.

Traffic in Southern California is a major headache. It takes hours to travel a short distance when traffic is at its height. It’s a major problem that’s plagued the Greater Los Angeles area for decades. Many solutions have been implemented to no avail. From wider freeways to more funding for public transportation, these solutions haven’t done much to alleviate traffic. A novel idea, introduced by research published in ACCESS Magazine, suggests that parking may hold the key to reducing traffic in Los Angeles.

Reducing Parking.

When it comes to reducing traffic, it is proposed to reduce the available parking in the city. The idea behind the proposal is that when you’re unable to find parking, you’re less likely to use your car. Instead, you’re more likely to take public transportation which will help to keep cars off the road so that there’s less traffic.

Growing City.

Los Angeles is only expected to grow. According to the Los Angeles Times, the city’s population will increase by an additional 1.5 million people by 2040. More people means more crowded streets, and therefore more traffic. Current laws require a certain number of parking spaces for certain buildings like businesses and residences. Researchers propose implementing a parking space maximum instead of a minimum so that you’re better able to control the number of parking spots available.

Public Transportation.

In addition to the limited parking spaces, it’s important to facilitate good public transit. The better your transportation systems, the more the public will use them and therefore traffic will lessen.

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