Practice Proper Email Etiquette with These Tips

Check out what you need to know about email etiquette.

Handwritten letters are in short supply nowadays. Instead, email has taken over the world of written communication. However, the casual nature of email leaves a grey area when it comes to email etiquette. You start to question what’s appropriate in certain situations, which can be stressful. Eliminate all concerns about your emails, and check out these email etiquette tips to help you overcome your email apprehension.

Introduce Yourself.

Don’t assume that the person you’re corresponding with knows who you are. Make it a habit of introducing yourself when it comes to sending out emails. No need for your life’s story. A simple name and a reminder of how you know each other should suffice.

Be Mindful of Punctuation.

Grammar is important. It demonstrates that you’re a competent, professional individual. Always proofread your emails before you send them so that you can catch and fix any errors. Additionally, be thoughtful when it comes to your punctuation. While your writing may be grammatically correct, avoid certain punctuation, like exclamation points, in professional correspondences as they can make you seem unprofessional. Also, use formal language and avoid any profanity in your emails.

Never Discuss Private Matters.

Think of your email as a postcard. There’s no envelope to keep your work secure. Be aware that your emails aren’t always private. Since emails are easy to send, they can very easily be passed around. Never include any confidential information, and keep in mind that your emails may not stay between you and the person that they’re intended for.

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