Spring Pet Safety Tips

Spring Pet Safety Tips

Keep your furry friends safe this season.

While spring brings warmer temperatures and beautiful weather, it can also bring certain risks for your pets. Make sure you are protecting your four-legged friends by taking these safety precautions.

Spring Cleaning Safety

Many pet owners associate spring with getting their home cleaned and organized. However, it’s important to remember that many household cleaners can be toxic for your pets. Even “all-natural” products can contain chemicals that are harmful to your pets. To ensure that you are keeping your pets safe, make sure you store cleaners out of your pets’ reach, and make sure you are following the proper directions when using these cleaners.

Pest Safety

Spring can bring an onslaught of bugs that could affect your pet’s health. To keep them safe, make sure that your four-legged friends are on year-round heartworm preventative medication. Additionally, make sure that they are on a tick and flea control program. If you do not have a plan in place, speak to your veterinarian to put together a program for your pet.

Outdoor Safety

Now that temperatures are warmer, there are more chances to take your dog out and about and more opportunities to let your cat roam around the yard. However, this also means that there’s an increased chance of your pet wandering off. To ensure that your pets do not get lost, make sure that they are properly microchipped. Additionally, all pets should wear an identification tag printed with your contact information so people can notify you if they find your wayward pet.

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