Tips to Keep You Motivated During COVID-19 Crisis

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The pandemic has caused anxiety and depression to the point it has reduced some people’s motivation to work. As you struggle with thoughts of tomorrow and are overwhelmed by the uncertainties ahead, here are some ways to keep yourself motivated during COVID-19.

Make a List of Top Concerns

One way to help manage your various concerns is to write them down and identify which ones you can and cannot control. By focusing on what you can control, you will remind yourself you’ve made a practical choice instead of wasting time pursuing something you cannot control. Allowing yourself a degree of flexibility is part of the solution to overcoming work overload. You may be able to push certain deadlines back while prioritizing the most important projects and tasks.

Take Occasional Breaks

Occasional breaks can do wonders with your attention span and productivity as you take some time off the work at hand. Meditation has proven to be immensely helpful in reducing stress. You can also go for a run or simply play games on your mobile device to give yourself a much-needed break.

Reduce Multitasking

Multitasking was a trend in the 80s and 90s but isn’t as pervasive anymore due to the rise of automation platforms and other electronic solutions. The problem with focusing on accomplishing too many tasks in a short time is that it can lead to errors and reduced productivity. The way to avoid this problem is to either delegate responsibilities to others or handle each task one at a time. Staying focused on a single task will reduce errors and raise the quality of performance.

Adopt a Socially Responsible Attitude

Many people were already moving toward going green and living a healthy lifestyle prior to the pandemic. Then the widespread business shutdowns due to COVID-19 caused even more people to become concerned about maintaining a healthy environment. An increasing number of people now watch what they eat in order to protect their immune systems, which can be compromised by chemicals used in fast food.

By caring about society, an individual takes the pressure off themselves to solve the world’s problems. It’s important to recognize other people for their contributions to society and appreciate what a community collectively achieves. This type of awareness creates stronger connections among people.

While many individuals are shifting to remote jobs, there is still a huge need for conventional work such as medical deliveries. As a worker, you must understand your responsibility towards society as well as to yourself. One way you can build a reputation for social responsibility by focusing on helping others. One of the reasons why people sink into depression is because they think about themselves too much, whereas thinking about others helps set the mind free.

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