How to Choose an Effective Shipping Strategy: Courier Services Vs. Postal Services

Shipping Strategy

Developing a shipping strategy can seem complex considering the hundreds of global delivery services available. The key is to find a service that matches your business needs rather than having high expectations from the first courier service you find online. Here are important considerations when comparing courier services with postal services.

Why People Still Use the Postal Service

Long ago, the U.S. Postal Service delivered a bulk of mail across the nation. Like elsewhere around the world, a postal service is operated by the federal government. Businesses still use this service to send non-urgent messages and parcels, but in recent times they’ve diversified with alternative forms of delivery.

One of the major benefits of using a traditional postal service is that it usually provides more affordable rates. However, the lower cost often doesn’t necessarily amount to quality service. Due to underfunding and limited staffing, the post office can get backlogs of undelivered mail that might arrive later than expected. So, businesses that need a more reliable service often turn to independent couriers in their own market.

Benefits of a Courier Service

The reason for working with a courier service is it typically handles the transport of important documents. The majority of these operations are conducted by private firms specializing in certain types of delivery, such as local or global. They may also offer next-day or same-day delivery. Both FedEx and DHL fit this category. Although USPS is not considered a courier service, its express mail service is.

If you want to launch a global business, partnering with an international delivery service would be a cost-effective solution for distribution. Couriers are often called upon for speedy delivery of time-sensitive items, especially for local destinations. They are often hired by hospitals, law firms, printers, manufacturers, and food services.

More Personalized Service with Couriers

One of the ways in which a courier service might be more valuable to a customer than the post office is that couriers can provide a more personalized experience. An independent service in your region that’s familiar with your business can put more care into ensuring your packages do not get lost or damaged.

During the pandemic, the postal service underwent tremendous strain as it was downsized to a level that led to unreliable service. Many businesses reported lost packages or late deliveries through the postal service in 2020. Since the pandemic has led to tighter budgets for businesses of all sizes, no company can afford to consistently lose valuable packages either from suppliers or en route to customers.

Smart technology and real-time tracking are opening doors for couriers to become even more efficient for customers. The future is bright for courier services that establish a favorable reputation through personalized services. More than ever, customers want to choose businesses they trust based on reputational research from reviews.

Finding the right delivery service for your specific business involves asking questions about speed and accuracy in getting parcels sent to the right place by the expected time. It helps to work with experienced leaders in your region. Located in Southern California, we’re your custom courier & mail delivery service experts for all your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. Contact us for more information today.

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