Differences Between a Parcel and a Courier

difference between parcel and courier

Package deliveries are completed through two types of services – parcel services and courier services. It is easy to believe that the two are the same when, in reality, they are not!

What Does Each Service Imply?

When you need to get something delivered in a small quantity to individual customers, you should choose a parcel service. At the same time, a courier is better suited for those who require a more comprehensive range of delivery services.

So, what is the difference between parcel and courier services?

  • Individual, light goods are ideally meant to be delivered as a parcel while courier services are better for bulky and heavy items.
  • Couriers tend to be delivered swiftly and are better suited for the next day or same-day delivery. Parcels are delivered under standard protocols and thus are cheaper options than couriers.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Option?

From a business perspective, making the wrong selection can have huge consequences for the operations. Due to the boom in the eCommerce industry, customers expect swift deliveries of their packages.

Selecting the wrong option can put your customers on hold, waiting relentlessly for the delivery. This can damage your business reputation and can also attract higher costs. Therefore, choosing the right option between parcel and courier service is important.

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