5 Common Courier Mistakes That Could Cost You Heavily

costly courier mistakes

Despite the pandemic-induced recession, the U.S. courier and local delivery services market grew $5 billion between 2019 and 2020 to hit the $114 billion mark, as reported by Statista. However, despite this impressive growth, clients and courier companies still continue to lose a lot of money due to simple yet costly mistakes. With that in mind, here’s a look at five costly courier mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Wrong or Inadequate Courier Information

As a client, the courier company solely depends on the information you provide for your delivery. This means that any wrong information you give can jeopardize the whole process and end up costing you a lot of time and money. Additionally, giving inadequate information won’t enable the delivery company to ship your package on time. Therefore, make sure to give the right address, reliable contact information, right purchase order number, and other applicable details.

Poor Scheduling

While the courier company can delay deliveries during peak seasons, it is prudent to be safe on your side, according to a recent article published in the Washington Post. To achieve this, ensure you give the company the exact details of your availability. This way, you won’t keep the delivery person waiting or lose your package in front of your porch because you were not available to receive it. Take note that a third of Americans have been victims of porch pirates at some point, which is why you must provide the right schedule in order to minimize the risk of package theft.

Using Low-Quality Packing Materials

When shipping a package, you want it to arrive at the destination in good condition. Although this greatly depends on the courier company, you can minimize damage by packing your parcel in the best way possible. Use durable materials to pack and seal your parcel to enhance safety.

Choosing the Wrong Courier Company

Currently, there are more than 247,000 courier companies and local delivery services in the U.S., as reported by the IBIS World. This means that it is possible to choose a reputable company by checking their online reviews and testimonials. While large companies are good for security purposes, don’t be afraid to seek services from small courier businesses, provided they can offer high-quality services.

Giving Estimated Details

Most courier companies will charge you depending on the size, weight, and nature of your package. For instance, heavier yet fragile items will cost a higher amount than lighter and robust ones. Therefore, ensure you give the exact weight and type of package you want delivered to avoid additional charges that may result if the company realizes that you gave the wrong information.

You should avoid these five costly courier mistakes using the tips discussed in this article. Even more importantly, you should choose a reputable courier company for your needs. Located in Southern California, we are your custom courier & mail delivery service experts for all your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. Contact us for more information today.

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